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Gone are the days of waiting for a teacher to clarify your doubts. With, you can access instant solutions across a wide range of subjects. Whether you’re in the 5th grade or exploring advanced coding concepts, our AI is trained to handle questions from various academic disciplines. From mathematics and science to history and literature, no subject is too challenging for our intelligent assistant.

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Just Scan a question or upload photo to get answers.

Creating answer sheets to your practice question papers is no problem anymore


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We really mean every Language, let it be Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Spanish, Japanese and the list continues

You can see in action the AI explaining a Engineering level Computer Science problem in Hindi



Scan and Solve

Simply scan your practice sheets or handwritten notes using our app, and let the AI work its magic. Our advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology swiftly recognizes the text, enabling the AI to provide accurate answers within seconds.

Interactive Chatbot

Engage in a conversation with our AI chatbot, which understands your questions and provides detailed explanations. Whether you prefer a comprehensive breakdown or a concise response, our intelligent assistant caters to your learning style.

Free and Premium Subscriptions

We believe in making education accessible to all. That’s why we offer a free subscription. We also offer affordable monthly premium subscriptions, unlocking a world of boundless learning.

Imitates Human Cognition

Our AI can explain an answer or a topic differently according to your cognition. It can explain thermodynamics to a 5 year old and also to a researcher.

From Homework to Challenging Projects isn’t just limited to homework assistance. Our app is designed to support you throughout your academic journey, from tackling college assignments to working on ambitious projects. With our AI-powered solution, you can embrace challenges with confidence.

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Is available for free?

Yes, offers a free subscription option, providing access to its core features and basic assistance. However, for students seeking an enhanced experience with unlimited access to knowledge and additional features, we offer affordable monthly premium subscriptions. The choice between free and premium is entirely up to you.

How can I download

You can download from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. Simply search for “” and follow the instructions to install the app on your smartphone.

Can replace traditional learning methods? is not intended to replace traditional learning methods but rather to complement them. It serves as a powerful tool for resolving doubts, providing explanations, and assisting with assignments and projects. enhances your learning experience by offering additional support and guidance, making your educational journey more efficient and enjoyable.

What subjects does cover? covers a wide range of subjects, catering to students from 5th grade to coding learners. Whether you need assistance with math, science, history, literature, or any other subject, our AI is equipped to handle it all. From foundational concepts to complex problem-solving, is your go-to companion for academic support.